From Waxlight to Moonlight: 21st Century Standard Candles at NIST

A white telescope on a red support stands before a starry night sky.
NIST lunar telescope on Mauna Loa volcano, part of our first measurements of the lunar irradiance from this site. Credit: J. Woodward/NIST
Side-by-side images show labeled stars in the night sky over a silhouetted mountain; right image shows same starts in later, darker sky.
The NIST artificial calibration star (NIST Star or NISTAR) shown with the stars of the Big Dipper in the background. The amount of light emitted from our artificial star is very similar to the amount of light from the stars of the Big Dipper. The figure on the right was taken later in the evening with the NIST star more clearly observable. Credit: NIST
Six men pose in front of an airplane in a hangar with carts of equipment displayed in front of them.
Air-LUSI team (left to right): Steven Grantham (NIST), Andrew Newton (McMaster University), Kevin Turpie (University of Maryland), John Woodward (NIST), Thomas Larason (NIST), Stephen Maxwell (NIST). Missing from the picture are Thomas Stone (USGS), Andrew Gadsden (McMaster University), and me. The ER-2 aircraft is located directly behind them, and the midbody of the wing pod, where the instrument is installed, is shown to the left of Grantham.
A metal arch frames a black telescope inside; a man’s head is visible to the right.
The air-LUSI telescope mounted in the aft-body of the ER-2 superpod. Credit: Ken Ulrich/NASA
Two men peer into an opened-up aircraft body with wires and connectors bridging the gap.
John Woodward looking a little concerned loading air-LUSI cables into the aft-body underneath the telescope mount. Credit: NIST
Steven Brown poses for a headshot.



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